The 8 Best Makoto Shinkai Movies You Must Watch

Makoto Shinkai has been known as “The New Miyazaki” because of his wonderful talent and dazzling visual artworks, following his newest movie “Your Name” recorded a historical strike in Japan. Let’s take a look a listing of his best worked according to Anime Bibly which includes 8 of his masterpieces.

Voices of a Distant Star

A romantic long-distance love story between a high school girl and boy which set in the year 2046. This lovely sci-fi short anime can be a must-see for any Makoto Shinkai’s fans.

Dareka no Manazashi

This can be a touching story about a daughter and her father who have grown separately, but reunite when faced with the death of their friend and pet cat.

She and Her Cat

A black and white and short anime about cat’s viewpoint and his feeligns for his owner, a single woman who adpted him and struggles with her new life in adult society.

Children who Chase Lost Voices

This excellent anime film is about adventure, the hidden realm beneath the Earth called Agartha and a brave girl who ought to battle supernatural creatures all on her own. Along with dazzling visuals, it surely gives off Miyazaki vibes.

The Place Promised in Our Early Days

This is a military and sci-fi anime film about an alternate world and a mysterious tower linked to a boy and girl. The wonderfu visuals will blow you away!

5 Centimeters Per Second

Perhaps one of the saddest Makoto Shinkai movies, this is a story about first love and the distance between people that keeps growing larger and larger every second, or more accurately, 5 centimeters per second.

The Garden of Words

If just considering this picture dazzles you, then you ought to watch the film so as to appreciate it in entire honor and magnificence. Maybe it’s not the best anime out there, but it holds incredible and stunning artwork.

Your Name

Your Name or Kimi no Na wa. is recorded as a mega hit in 2016. A girl in countryside and a guy residing in Tokyo find that their bodies and minds sometimes happen to be exchanged while they are dreaming. You will be right away drawn into the unpredictable story along with beautiful anime world that Makoto Shinkai creates.