Namco's J-World Tokyo indoor theme park is introducing a roller coaster

Namco's J-World Tokyo interior theme park is usually introducing a roller coaster without the need of track, carts, and seat belts. The brand new ride is some sort of virtual coaster specifically, a 3D mobility simulator where drivers are taken with Goku's nimbus cloud in the world of Dragon Ball Z. 3D goggles are generally worn while riders view a sizable screen. Wind, pace, sudden drops and elevations are generally simulated like an actual roller coaster.

According to the Anime Review, the coaster will readily available rides starting with July 15. The theme park will likewise serve a nimbus custard whip dessert to savor after visitors are generally done touring metropolis or they can look into its other Dragon Ball Z sites, like the Kamehameha simulator and the Capsule Corporation pic spot. The theme park is in addition hosting a Reborn! promotion to celebrate that series' 10th wedding anniversary.