Accel World VS. Sword Art Online DLC ‘Castaway from a Different World’, version 2.00 updated!!

That “Castaway from a Different World” downloadable subject material for Accel World VS. Sword Art Online might launch on July 7 with Japan for 2,000 yen with the Persona Vabel character add-on and then a free 2.00 update, Bandai Namco launched.

Additionally, Heathcliff and Graphite Edge are going to be added as playable people via paid down-loadable content in This summer. By the way, if you are really fond of to the Sword Art Online and want to make a cosplay, maybe you need a Kirito costume for your cosplay!

Accel World VS. Sword Art Online is currently available for PlayStation 4 together with PS Vita in Asia, and will launch in The united states and Europe with July 7. In The eu, the PlayStation 4 version are going to be released at retail store.

Watch a trailer for any new content following.